Data Analysis

  • Posted on: 26 August 2014

 The Offline and Analysis part of ALICE is one of the most challenging parts of the experiment as recorded data must reach computing centers for reconstruction, to be compared with analogous simulated data, and finally used for the analysis. Data analysis is performed on all permanently stored events, turning the pattern of signals from the detector into physics objects, such as jets, photons, and leptons. Grid computing is being extensively used for event reconstruction, allowing the parallel use of university and laboratory computer networks throughout the world for the CPU-intensive task of reducing large quantities of raw data into a form suitable for physics analysis.

The software used by ALICE for these tasks has been under development for many years, and continues to be refined even now that the experiment is collecting data.Furthermore, individuals and groups within the collaboration are writing their own code to perform further analysis of these objects, searching the patterns of detected particles for particular physical models or hypothetical particles.