T0 detector

  • Posted on: 24 July 2014
T0 serves as a start, trigger, and luminosity detector allowing fast particle identification at ALICE.

T0 is the fast timing and trigger detector of ALICE. It gives the key trigger and timing signals, measures on-line vertex position and gives rough centrality. There are many technical challenges, such as the dead time below 25 ns needed to cope with the bunch crossing rate in p-p collisions, sustained count rate of 0.2 MHz, required time resolution below 50 ps, radiation hardness of up to 500 krad, operation in the 0.5 T magnetic field, compact design, high reliability, and maintenance-free operation during the entire life-time of ALICE. Data from T0 are crucial not only for extraction of the precise interaction time but also for the normalization between proton-proton and heavy ion runs.

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