News form the ALICE Collaboration Board

Iva Raynova

During the last ALICE week, 4-8 April 2016, the Collaboration Board elected Federico Antinori as the next ALICE Spokesperson. His three-year mandate will start on 1 January 2017. There were two regular meetings, foreseen by the Collaboration's constitution, as well as two exceptional ones, called by Peter Braun-Munzinger, the Chair of the Collaboration Board. After three days of intense discussions, Federico Antinori was elected with more than two-thirds majority.

Both the official and the additional meetings of the Board were marked by an unprecedented presence, which indicated the big interest by all member institutes to participate in this important decision. Many collaboration members have acknowledged that they had many fruitful interactions with their colleagues during the election process.

After the election, the Collaboration Board meeting was resumed with the official ceremony of the ALICE Best Thesis Awards. That was followed by a presentation by Barbara Erazmus on behalf of the search committee for the next Chair of the Collaboration Board, who will be elected in July. After a brief discussion, it was decided that if the next Chair elected participates in another collaboration, he should immediately withdraw from it in order to avoid conflict of interest.

Since two new positions were recently added to the run coordination team – Deputy Run Coordinator and Run Manager – Siegfried F?rthsch proposed a change in the text of the constitution, so that they would be included. It was accepted.

Then the Collaboration Board made three endorsements. Alice Ohlson is now the new member of the Conference Committee and Anton Adronic is the new ad-personam member of the Physics Board. Jochen Klein and Eugenio Scapparone were endorsed as PWG-MM conveners. This is a new physics working group, which was created to cover the areas of minimum bias and Monte Carlo. All their mandates begin on 11 April and they will last for two years.

The meeting was concluded by Paolo Giubellino, who presented the news from the Management Board, and by the Juniors report. 

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