ALICE Summer Students 2015

Panos Charitos

CERN's summer students programme is among the best educational programmes you can imagine; it combines high-quality lectures with practice in many fields of research, all happening in a unique international environment. Summer students arriving at CERN are a fantastic mix of very different cultures and yet all of them share the same interest for what we are doing so well here at CERN over the years: particle physics. 

Participants to the programme attend workshops on silicon sensors, data acquisition, scintillating crystals, etc. Moreover, a poster session takes place, where students are able to present their work.

The organizers had prepared a rich and diverse programme of activities in order to offer the students an unforgettable experience. Special emphasis is put on promoting social interaction among the students. They constantly collaborate and socialize with many different people in a multicultural, multidisciplinary environment, building up valuable contacts within the scientific community and exploring different cultures and schools of thought. This is one of the rare occasions when political, religious and cultural barriers are lowered so that young students can freely share their interest in science.

This year's programme has been very successful, thanks to the hard work of the organizers, the lecturers and the supervisors. However, the driving force behind it has been and continues to be the dedication and passion of the students.To share this experience we asked students to prepare short reports about their projects and stay at CERN. Read the stories and meet some of this year's ALICE summer students.

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