Thresholds of matter

Iva Raynova

Between 25 April and 10 May 2016, both CERN employees and visitors had the chance to enjoy the exhibition “Thresholds of matter”, located in building 500. Its author is Agn?s Vaudou, an artist from Lausanne. She creates pictures, sculptures and public monuments.

Agn?s Vaudou

Agn?s has always been curious about the essence of matter. This interest deepens when she first starts working with clay in her teenage years and it gets stronger as she studies art at the university.

A visit in ALICE in the summer of 2014 inspires her to create an exhibition colliding her art with high-energy physics. “I really wanted to go underground and to see the experiment, its construction. I was impressed by its complexity, by that incredibly intricate machine that people created to study matter. I am also fascinated by the research done by CERN, questioning the nature and constituents of matter and the energy it retains. It makes us aware of the fact that we still have so much to learn about matter and its origins.”

Her exhibition explores the relation between matter and energy through an imaginative approach. “I explore the thresholds of matter and where matter becomes dematerialized. This is quite abstract, but I think that matter is also abstract. In reality we can only imagine what it looks like in its smallest scale.”

"World of Alice"

One of the pictures in the exhibition, named “World of Alice”, Agnes has dedicated especially to the experiment. I wanted to combine something as impressive as ALICE with something more imaginative, more spiritual and mysterious. I mainly wanted to show that a world can have different dimensions. Initially I wanted to call the picture “New Cathedrals”. For me ALICE is a cathedral in the sense that here are concentrated great intelligence and ingenuity with the sole aim to go beyond the visible, to discover the essence of matter and its origins”.

More about Agn?s Vaudou's work you can find in her official website.

Alice Matters