Best wishes for 2015

Paolo Giubellino

Dear Friends,

2014 has been a very intense yet very gratifying year! We have achieved a lot in all fronts: ALICE only needs a few finishing touches to be ready for Run 2, Physics keeps coming out of our Run1 data and the Upgrade progresses at a healthy pace. I think we can be proud of all the achievements of this year, and look with confidence at the new one.

2015 promises to be… even more intense!  After so much preparation, we are all eagerly waiting for the data to start flowing again. We have just gone through a beautiful review of the prospects of Run 2 during the recent ALICE Physics Week, and it promises to be an exciting time for all of us! Of course, we will keep progressing in preparing our long-term future.

A little break for the festivities is well deserved… we will need plenty of energy in the New Year,

My best wishes for a great 2015 to all of you, and to your loved ones,


Alice Matters