Samuel Rambaut

My activities have fully supervised for seven years by the ALICE experiment and my main duties are centered around two types of activities:

Firstly, the support for the technical coordination of ALICE, maintenance of tools required for assembly and disassembly of the ALICE detector and secondly to improve the connectivity services of the detectors in the L3 magnet.

In 2013, I was mainly involved in the restoration of mechanical structures and tracking of LV cables for TPC, TRD and TOF detectors; a task assigned to me by the ALICE Technical Coordination.

Moreover, I participated in the production of the necessary tools for the integration of sensors DCAL.

What I find unique in my work is that most of the time I have to work with other technicians from CERN and quite often from other institutes and make a team. This is a special feeling and I feel lucky for meeting and interacting with so many different people and experts.

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