Yann Seraphin

I work for the EN department, in the HH (Heavy Handling) section, in charge of the transport and handling operations on all CERN sites.

I supervise and coordinate these activities for the ALICE experiment. I am involved with the creation of the procedures and methodology. I inform our contractor of the human resources needed, as well as the technical means to be supplied.

My job consists of bringing ideas that will result in solving the challenges presented. This is done by producing tools, in collaboration with engineers or technicians, allowing the lifting and integration of different components of the detector.

For the first part of LS1, the most important works were replacing the PHOS craddle with the new Dcal structure, including the support beams that cross L3, inserting the first Dcal modules, working on the TRD modules, replacing the TRD and TPC tanks, renovating the electrical cabinets and UPS in SX2.

My functions give me a complete overview of all the activities, from research to production, while also being a technical support to the coordination for the integration of all the detectors in close collaboration with the various ALICE users (CERN, laboratories and institutes such as TRD, TOF, Dcal, Emcal, PHOS, etc).

This technical and human abundance are the source of success and satisfaction in my activity.

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