Didier Anstett

Didier Anstett is the technician in charge of mechanics at Point 2 and of the installation systems of the detectors in building SXL2. Didier is in charge of the production of mechanical parts needed to improve the access to the cavern. This was the case for DCAL, installed earlier this year and for the ACORDE detector at the top of the L3 magnet.

The DCal loading test has been one of the special moments of this year. Didier was in charge of the preparation of the testing area as well as of the production of different infrastructures and their installation. During the test, Didier worked for long hours in the cavern providing technical assistance.

Another important moment for Didier has been the installation of the DCal system. Didier was involved in all parts of the installation, taking care of the infrastructure used for installing the new detector. He has also worked for the removal of the TRD modules and the installation of the new ones.

Didier is also responsible for the access and markup of the activity areas; a crucial task for the safety of all those who daily work at P2 and for visitors to the ALICE cavern.

Finally, Didier is also responsible for the mechanical parts of the operating system of the L3 magnet's doors and, together with Philippe Bouvier, he is in charge of the maintenance of the racks.

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