Elisa Laudi

I received my master degree in material engineering in Italy and my PhD related to the manufacturing, testing and integration of the Tracker thermal control System for the space detector AMS-02. In 2009, as a fellow of the INFN (Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics), I joined the Mechanical Integration Team of AMS-02 at CERN and took part in the thermal test of the overall experiment in ESA.

In 2010-2011, I participated to the pre-launch activities (final integration and interface with shuttle and ISS) in the Kennedy Space Centre and post launch activities (on orbit –engineering and operation for the thermal system) in Johnson Space Centre, just until the first month after the lunch. Since September 2011 until 2013 I've been working in the Assembly, Integration and Testing (AIT) department of a space company (OHB) in North of Germany, as responsible engineer for the mechanical and thermal integration of the telecommunication satellite SGEO.

I am in ALICE since September 2013, after applying for an open position that was matching my past experience with cooling systems. My major task and objective will be related to the new upgrade foreseen during the LS2, in particular for the ITS services, but in general for the overall ALICE detector services.

I hope to get into this new project as quick as possible and to share my competencies with the ALICE integration team, to help in overcoming the future challenges for the upgrade of the LS2.

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