Yannick Lesenechal

My duties and tasks during LS1 in the ALICE experiment are centred around two types of activities.

First of all to provide support for the technical coordination, the development, maintenance and modernization of tools required for the assembly, dismantling and technical support for the detectors. Secondly, I am involved in a number of activities in the ALICE hall 167 and I am the TSO (Territorial Safety Officer) of 167. The main task that was assigned to me by the ALICE technical coordination was the replacement of the PHOS craddle and the old beams of L3 with new ones; also the development of the tools necessary for the insertion of the DCAL detectors in the space-frame inside the solenoid.

As part of this effort, I interacted with the study office of PH–DT. I coordinated the production and procurement of the necessary equipment for machining mechanical parts, either in our own workshop or by external companies, the construction work, installation and testing in the hall 2252 SXL2 and the final installation in the cavern.

All these activities involved several CERN teams as well as teams from FSU and SUBATECH. Moreover, I supervised the construction of new premises for the ITS in the hall 167. Being the TSO of the building I support users of the hall whenever needed.

Within the ALICE group we have regular weekly meetings in which the head of section organizes a round table according to the schedule. This gives the chance to everyone to present the progress of the work and discuss potential problems to find solutions.

As the work progresses, I regularly discuss with my supervisor searching for smarter and more effective solutions. Most of the time I work as a team with other CERN technicians and sometimes with different laboratories (TRD , TOF , SPD, TPC , ITS ..) and FSU ( FSU technicians, transportation, raw materials, general workshops ... ).

I believe that expertise can only be obtained by experience, which I often share with other technicians. This feeling is both motivating and rewarding.

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