Thomas Caudron

Following my studies in mechanical designing in Grenoble (France), I started working for a dental implantology firm at Sallanches (France) during 4 years. I knew CERN by reputation so I applied for a position as a mechanical designer for the ALICE experiment.

Since then, I have been working on many different ALICE projects like the ITS upgrade, DCAL and PHOS, TPC and the beam pipe.

During LS1 ALICE installed a new support structure for the original 4 PHOS modules and the DCAL, consisting of 8 modules of approximately 5 ton weight each.

I provided the design and production drawings for the following items related to this project:

- DCAL and PHOS installation tooling: transfer bridge for modules from the DCAL Rotator in to the support cradle.
- Platform and chariot for the DCAL Rotator, that allows the positioning of the DCAL module in front of the respective support structure position for installation.
- Rail system for DCAL chariot for positioning and lateral displacement of the DCAL rotator in front of the L3 magnet.
- Integration and layout drawings for the 4 different DCAL positions and heights.
- Active participation for the installation of all modules.

I followed this project step by step, from designing and production of drawings, to the machining and testing until the final installation in the cavern. So, this project shows me that group and cavern working (particularly with Yannick Lesenechal and Corrado Gargiulo) are very important for solving errors and understanding all the difficulties of this job in this environment.

I also provided drawings and designs for tools concerned with the consolidation of the Low Voltage cable routing, a major LS1 activity where all the cables entering the L3 magnet on one side have to be cut and rerouted in the Back Frame.

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