Sergey Igolkin

Sergey has been working with ALICE since 1995 when he first joined as a mechanical engineer from the State University of St. Petersburg. He worked for eight years up to 2003 in the design and drawing of the Inner Tracking System of ALICE while in the same period he was also involved in the production of the carbon structure that serves as the space frame for the ITS.

From 2003 to 2008 Sergey continued working with the Russian team in the assembly of the dipole magnet at P2. At the same time he had been involved in the mechanical assembly and installation of other detectors and in particularly of the ITS.

Sergey returned to CERN to work with ALICE during the Long Shutdown 1. He started as a project associate working in the technical coordination of ALICE and a few months later he started his mandate with Corrado Gargiulo in designing the upgraded ITS. More specifically he worked for the technical drawing of the supporting structure and the cooling panel of the new ITS as well as for the preparation of the Technical Design Report that has recently been submitted to the LHCC.

2013 has been a busy year as many decisions had to be taken for the ITS upgrade and before any decision one has to think well in advance and spend some time studying the project. One should take into account the other detectors while many people have to be consulted. Sergey often spends long hours in the laboratory working under the special conditions required for building the carbon structures. As he explains: “one has to come up with the idea, then draw the mechanical parts and get approval by other members of the team and the team-leader. The next step is to come up with a well-documented technology proposal and finally to purchase the material for the prototyping”. Working for the ITS upgrade is very rewarding and his previous expertise in designing and building light carbon structures has been crucial in that sense.

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