Federico Ronchetti

I joined the ALICE Collaboration in 2006 to work at the Electromagnetic Calorimeter project where I have been in charge of the module production in INFN-Frascati. In 2010 I moved to CERN to commission the first installed super-modules and afterwards (2011) I coordinated a group of very smart students and post doc to develop the EMCal high level trigger code.

In 2012 I was assigned, together with Terry Awes, the responsibility of running the whole EMCal detector. While at CERN I have spent most of my time at the ALICE pit and in the ALICE Control Room either as expert on call, system run coordinator, shift leader and period coordinator. In that sense I had the chance to become aware of many aspects of the functioning of the ALICE detector and its systems.

Finally, in the beginning of this year I was given the responsibility to lead the consolidation efforts during the LS1 and the coordination of the data taking operations in 2015. In short, I feel that the relatively few years which I have spent contributing to the ALICE collaboration have been really intense and I would say inspiring. I look forward to complete the consolidation process and finally take the challenge to bring ALICE into operation in 2015.
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