Arturo Tauro

I joined the ALICE technical coordination group in 2006, after the completion of my PhD studies in Electronics Engineering in Bari. My main task here at P2 is to establish the shutdown planning, making sure there is a smooth daily progress of the different activities. This means that I must have frequent interaction with the various CERN support groups (EN, GS, ...) as well as with people from ALICE institutes.

It has been a very busy year: the Long Shutdown (LS1) started in February and, after only a few weeks, we managed to open the L3 doors and remove the PHOS detector. It took then several months to set the stage for the new DCal detector, which was eventually installed in October. The bottom part of the L3 magnet has now a completely different look: the new DCal/PHOS support structure, designed and built in Nantes, is supported by two new stiffer beams and many services have been re-routed to leave space for the DCal SuperModules.

We have also been quite busy with the consolidation of the TRD low voltage distribution; this means that we had to extract and re-work six TRD SuperModules. After the Christmas break we will re-start at full thrust as we have a very challenging year ahead of us: we need to complete the TRD detector, with the addition of five SuperModules, to re-install PHOS and complete the DCal. For the TRD installation we have to suspend the Miniframe and this is a very delicate and risky intervention which requires a lot of preparation. There are also several consolidation projects for 2014 (e.g. SAA3, a shielding wall which is located on the C-side of our UX25 cavern and is needed to shield against the background coming from the LHC tunnel (Sector 23) and L3 ventilation upgrade. We aim at closing the L3 doors in November and starting cosmic runs in December with the magnetic field.

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