S?o Paulo Hosts 2 Day IPPOG Masterclass

Marcelo Gameiro Munhoz

To end our series on the 2012 International Particle Physics Outreach Group (IPPOG) Masterclasses, Marcelo Gameiro Munhoz summarises the Masterclass event at the University of S?o Paulo, Brazil.

The event was a great success! Due to the differences in time zone with CERN, we had a two day event. On the first day, the students listened to a seminar about nuclear and particle physics, followed by another presentation about particle accelerators. After that, we organised a visit to an 8 MV Tandem accelerator (Pelletron) that we have here at the Universidade de S?o Paulo. They enjoyed the visit very much!

The Masterclass students at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

After lunch, we presented two seminars: one about the LHC and one about ALICE and the Masterclass exercise. Following this, the students had one hour to perform the measurements. They loved it!

On the following day, we discussed with them the results of the analysis and they had some time to organise the data and prepare a presentation for the video conference, which was at noon in our time zone. They were very excited with the conference! After the video conference we chatted a bit with them in order to collect some impressions they had about the event. Below are some of the statements they made:

"What most caught my attention was the possibility we had to analyse real data from the LHC, to participate in a global videoconference, and to visit the Pelletron building. I was able to change my ‘common sense' picture of quantum physics."

"I was impressed by the willingness of CERN's researchers and the Masterclass teachers to spread the concepts of modern physics."

" I learned how physics, which seems so certain and absolute in school, may be still in a stage of evolution and uncertainty. In addition, I also learned how physics knowledge is produced nowadays."

"The structure of the atom to me was very simple. The Masterclass showed me how much I still need to learn, expanding my horizon in all directions."

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