Flagship ALICE Images Now Available on CDS

Polly Bennett

The latest flagship images of the ALICE experiment are now available on the CERN Document Server (CDS). Photographer Antonio Saba visited ALICE in February to update the stock of still images used for ALICE communications material. Photographs now illustrate the experiment with the newly installed TRD and EMCal modules.

Antonio Saba

Find the photographs at:




Saba has been chronicling the installation of the ALICE detectors since 2006. As an industrial photographer his focus is the beauty of technology. Talking about his work Saba says, “My approach is not a scientific one. My aim is not to reproduce the reality, instead I interpret. I can understand only shapes and colours; not the technology. What are often beautiful are the dimensions and shapes of technology. I try to distort these to make them more interesting, using contrast to exaggerate dimensions and proportions. ”In February, ALICE Matters spoke to Saba about his visit and approach to photographing ALICE: antoniosaba

ALICE members are free to use the photographs for non-commercial purposes. However, for media and commercial use ALICE members must contact Saba directly: photo@antoniosaba.com

For more information about Antonio Saba and his work visit: www.antoniosaba.com

Antonio Saba

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