Autumn at ALICE

Polly Bennett

Autumn heralds some major events for ALICE. Firstly the LHC accelerator is about to complete its proton-proton programme for the year. This makes way for ALICE week and the start of the heavy ion run on the 14th November. Federico Ronchetti, period run coordinator for October, sums up this month's results and preparations for the lead-lead collisions. Secondly is the proton-lead collisions test, with which it is hoped we will understand better the processes during lead ion collisions. Amy Dusto explores this issue in her article ‘Accelerator Soup'.

Another event with ALICE this autumn is a change in the ALICE Matters editorial team with the arrival of our new journalist Polly Bennett. ALICE Matters remains a base for the community of the ALICE collaboration: celebrating people, news, results, changes and the daily life of the experiment. However, we also want to increase the accessibility of our articles and features to the general public. Friends, family and chance strangers who stumble onto the ALICE Matters website should be greeted with a feast of information about the ALICE experiment that will tell them what we do and more importantly, why.

We are looking for contributors from the ALICE collaboration to suggest stories, write articles, submit photos, or anything at all. Particularly we would like photos that chronicle ALICE life from an unusual angle or point of view. We are also looking for people with skills in podcasting or video-making to help make ALICE Matters a more lively and interactive publication.

Overall, we want to remind you that we are here for you, so tell us what you would like to read about.

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